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Teamware Product News

TWO 85 previewTeamware Office 8.5 Launched!

Fujitsu has announced a new version of their collaborative application suite - Teamware Office version 8.5 - for Windows, Solaris and Linux server platforms.

Instant Messaging is the main new feature,  but there are other improvements in the user interface that offer end users more flexibility and power in managing information with advanced email, group calendars, document library and forums.


Teamware News

Teamware Office Administrator Support

Fujitsu has decided to offer Administrator Support Service for those customers who continue to use Teamware Office software.

Teamware Office Administrator support service is targeted for Customer’s administrators for system (server level) maintenance and related matters.


23/05/13 18:53
Did you know that...
End user access to archived messages is offered directly from the Mail client. Thus users have all their messages, online and archived, easily available for them without separate clients or additional logins.

Support Bulletins are published regularly to highlight urgent issues picked from the technical support Solution Database.